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The Walker 3000™ (Fully-Functioning Robotic Walker)




So, I started out with the idea to build s working mechanism for the "chicken walker" (At-St) from Star wars - eventually it developed into this, which is a fully functioning robot with a working walking mechanism. the Walker 3000™ uses a motor to turn the gears pictured in the third frame,  which causes the legs to move using gravity - the legs are attached by axle through basic hole, leaving the legs free -swinging. As the axel moves in a circle, so does the leg. It is a complicated mechanism, using gravity to steady the legs. See frame 4 for a few of the model without a battery box (this shows the central axle and gears), and see frame 5 for a view of the leg without the cover plate. 

The model also has a detailed backside and front - the front equipped with room for one mini figure pilot. All-in-all, the model totals 485 bricks, far less the the At-At walker that lego released a few years back. Hope you support!

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