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The Sable Kestrel


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The Sable Kestrel is inspired by the Classic Space, '80s nostalgia and that special feeling you had when you played with Lego when you were a child.

The Sable Kestrel is a name that evokes fear in every rapscallion of the universe. On board there is an elite squad that can solve high-risk issues that regular teams can't handle. Nobody will stop these brave women and every problem will be ironed out.

The Sable Kestrel can be fully opened to allow every playing schemes. The radar on the roof can be transformed in a powerful weapon and there are two little spaceships that can be detached from the wings. 
The spacecraft is full of screens and there also four radios and six blasters to be prepared for every mission. 
A hidden compartment on the floor contains six gems of special fuel additives to let the Sable Kestrel travel faster than anyone else!
The Sable Kestrel consists of 479 pieces and includes 3 spacewomen, inspired by the classic spacemen, with 3 different colors including the brand new Bright Light Blue. For the head I used one of the first female heads of the Lego history. 

Add this spaceship to your collection and bring the team to the ultimate victory!

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