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1960 Cadillac DeVille

This is a model of a 1960 Cadillac DeVille.  The color I liked best was blue, but most colors look fantastic.  The car is approximately 10 studs wide by 26 studs long.  I decided to design it in this scale as it allowed for a lot of detail, while not being too large.

The features:
  • Opening doors/hood
  • Removable roof
  • Realistic engine
  • Detailed interior
  • 1960's drive-in sign

The model has 411 parts.
I did my best to not include any illegal building techniques, but if there are any, it is unintentional.
This would be awesome for your town if it is the correct scale, or as a display piece.
I was inspired by a car similar to this one, and thought it would be fun and a good challenge to build.

Thank you for viewing, and please support and comment.

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