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Modern House "Atelier"


Actually i’m a fan of old lego buildings, but on the other hand i like good modern architecture. I build a house with an appearance between bauhaus and 60th style. It has a lot of architectural characteristics like; a floating-looking carport and first floor, floating stairs,
a big glazed staircase,
nice horizontal and vertical windows,
an overhanging atelier on the backside,
a framed balcony
and a roof garden.

Of course this house has a garden surround and a big pool in the backyard. Here you can celebrate party and hanging around. The back side is open to get more playability and less stones.

- rockery garden
- big pool and chill-out-area
- carport and 60th car
- staircase with winter garden and stairs without pillars
- first floor: modern interior with armchairs, table, bar, record player, floor lamp, piano
- second floor: atelier with easels, bathroom

I am pleased about every support.

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