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LEGO Chia Pet

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Build an iconic terracotta pet out of LEGO bricks and plant elements - the LEGO Chia Pet!

Watch it grow!

The Chia Pet brand was founded by the company Joseph Enterprises, Inc in 1977. Chia Pets became a pop culture icon in the 80s and 90s with the success from their extremely catchy TV commercials.


Included in this set is a special Chia Pet LEGO minifigure, with a terracotta body and bright green hair!

This LEGO Ideas set makes a snazzy decoration to use around the home.

Nice touch!

Included in the set are 2 Chia Pet figurines, a hedgehog and a llama, as well as the Chia Pet minifigure. This set contains 514 pieces. Add this classic piece of retro memorabilia to your LEGO botanical collection at home.

This project is a collaboration between myself and WatchosForDinner.

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