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Jason and the Argonauts - Triton

What is it?
This Lego Ideas design depicts a scene from the 1963 version of the 'Jason and the Argonauts' movie.

The movie told a story about Jason, a young man who builds a wooden boat (the Argo), recruits a team of brave men (the Argonauts - including Hercules) and goes in search of the Golden Fleece, while battling many adversaries along the way.

This design relates to Triton holding apart the clashing rocks to let the Argo and its crew through safely.

Why did I build it
As a young boy I spent many hours reading about classical Greek mythology, and although this movie pre-dates me, it captured my imagination the first time I saw it with the mix of stop-motion animation long before CGI, and the wire and clay characters created by Ray Harryhausen.

The build contains many challenging elements from sculpting a head and body (Triton) to creating the Clashing rocks and the Argo boat, each with its own complexity.

Why would this make a good set?
This set would be a challenging but enjoyable build at 2045 pieces. The Clashing Rocks can be built multiple ways, and both the Argo and Triton can be placed in various different positions. 
Tritons arms are hinged and can be positioned further forward and each finger position can be altered.

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