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EDGE SERIES - Mr. Greep House

Thanks for coming to my idea!

Edge series is a proposal for a new IP for adults of LEGO.

This submission is meant to show the idea of ''Edge series'': Houses on the corner of the table.

So the design is meant to be placed on the corner of any table or furniture, not to be played with it. It is a decoration purpose only since a house being slightly held on a corner can fall easily, so the target of it should be adults.

This project started some weeks ago when I took an idea I had some time ago and I completed it through LEGO. It is necessary to say that this design is only meant to show the concept of semi-hanging LEGO houses, you can check more concept art on the submission.

Why is it called the ''edge series''? my idea is that lego starts a new IP for adults, in which all its products have the characteristic that they come out of the edge of the furniture. I imagine that in a way, this could be a kind of collection like lego city. That’s why I submitted more images to this submission.

I think this IP could work really well, we all have furniture without nothing on the top, and one of this

  • The exterior of the ''Mr. Greep house''

The Edge House features splendid rock work, with a reddish-brown house on the top. The only way to enter the house is through a little fragile hanging bridge.

The combination of the rockwork and the house on the top makes the sensation that ''Edge House'' is actually hanging off the edge of the table.

  • Information

- Contains 1750  pieces

-The weights are thought to provide the balance needed to build to stay still on the edge. No worries about adding extra weights or glue.

-The house itself and the tower can be easily separated, in case you want to display this piece in a different way

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