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The Duck that Started It All


Hello good master builders of tomorrow! I'm here today if something special that I've been messing around in my head with for a while. I started this project a few weeks back, but unfortunately got busy and kept putting it off.

  But this last weekend I began working on it again. And today, I finally finished this...Without further a do, I give you, Ole Jr. I named it after the one who started Lego, Ole Kirk Christensen. 

 Ole's first project that started LEGO was the wooden duck. Now, after all those years of his and other's hard work, I love LEGOs. So to honor him and everyone else's dedication to LEGO, I made a wooden duck...Out of LEGO.

 But unlike Ole's duck, I added a little workshop inside of the my duck. LEGO is a children toy, so if this is going to be a possible LEGO set one day, I thought I'd make things a little bit more fun by adding the minifigure of Ole Kirk Christensen and having a place for him to work.

 To the right side there is a woodchopping area, in the middle there is a table that holds the wood still while he carves the wood, and to the left there are tools hanging on the wall.

 So not only does this set have a fun inside, but it also teaches kids how LEGO started. This is a message of hard work, dreams, and if you believe in yourself then you can make wonderful things happen.

 I hope you have a bricktasitc day and keep on bricking on!

 "Only the best is good enough" ~Ole Kirk Christensen

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