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Lego Key Safe



You are the neater brother, always put the keys in their place and then everyone in the family prefer to take your own rather than looking for them, or on the contrary you lose 20 minutes each morning looking for the house keys? Then "Lego Key Safe" is for you!
All you have to do is mount it, insert the keys and set the combination and I assure you that unless you destroy it nobody will be able to disassemble it to recover the keys, on the contrary, you just need to insert the two-digit combination.

Lego Key Safe is made to not be disassembled when it is closed, as there is a precise combination of steps to do that, which starts from a "1x4 black liftarm" removable only if the arm is open.

The lock is also designed so that rotating the knobs simultaneously with the pressure on the axis does not reveal their correct position since the two "Blue Pin" will fit in any of the "plate rounds" placed on the lock not allowing further rotations of them, as shown in the video.


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