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Lego Ninjago: Ronin's Mech Golem


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Hello everyone, Henny here with another news report. Remember the shadow of ronin game, a lot of people thought it was season 6. I was one of them, so I decided to make a set based on the final boss.

                                                      The Rock Golem.

This set has things that many people asked for, 1. Dareth with his brown ninja mask, 2 titanium zane with his titanium hair, 3. the samurai version of ronin with the obsidian glaive, all six ninja, and an awesome mech so lets sum the minifigures up. Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Lloyd, Dareth, Nya, and Ronin.

I hope you enjoy this set. Your guys support would be highly appreciated.

PS. Stay tuned for more ninjago.

PPS. If you guys have any requests related to this set I will try my best to fulfill your wish.

Any, this is Henny4315 signing off.

Chow guys.

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