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The Old School Caravan Trip


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To me, there has always been something special about the LEGO vacation sets with caravans and camper vans. Something that made them really fun to build, to play with or even just to have them on display! They always reminded me of the summer and its sunny days - carefree and full of adventures. And they did it even if it was just another dark and rainy November evening.

Therefore I decided to make my own little car and caravan set, but being a 1980s child I also decided to do it the old fashion, a bit sentimental way, with a tiny vintage car towing almost equally tiny caravan.

If you would like to join me on my little trip, I can offer you:
  • A ride in a stylish little vintage car. Careful - it is powerful! At least powerful enough to tow a small caravan...
  • Enough space inside the caravan to lay down your head after a long trip. You can get there by removing the roof. It's really easy!
  • Lots of room for your luggage and guitar - the old trusty (not rusty!) roof rack will fit it all!
  • A foldable bike rack at the back of the trailer. Don't forget to take your bike helmet with you!

Hope you'll enjoy it!

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