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The Justice Palace


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Currently there are some petty thieves in Lego city waiting to be processed.

Now it is possible thanks to the Justice Palace, closed for reforms for years

and today opens its doors to serve justice and freedom of the minifigures.

Here you can recreate movies and comics, or create your own stories.


A modular set consisting of three floors:

- Ground floor: -Reception
               - Security arch
                        - Waiting area
                        - Monument to Justice

-1st  Floor:       - Trial room (court)


-2nd Floor:       - Judge´s Office
                        -Beverage machine

The set also includes 6 minifigures:



-Lawyer (Men)

-Street sweeper


-Presumed involved man


I hope you like it a lot and if so, I encourage you to vote and share for it.

Thanks ;)


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