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Citroen 2CV series

The Citroën 2CV was an iconic car with almost 4 million being produced over over a period of 42 years. Counting the variants, the total number produced sums to more than 8 million cars.

Being simple and cheap, it became a car for the masses.

It's characteristic shape makes it perfect to build in LEGO, and this is what this project has sought to deliver: A minifig sized car, easily recognisable as a 2CV.

The main picture above feature a normal 2CV with a couple of peace-loving hippie-owners.

Given the number of variants produced, and the varied use across the world (for instance as police car and at one point, the Royal Navy also used a number of these vehicles), I have created a number of variants.

The first is a "law and order" version: a bat-mobil.
The second is a military version built as a Starwars AT-ST walker.

These were great fun to build and more may come. Hope you enjoy!

Batman ready to enforce law and order in Gotham city in his new, high-tech batmobil.

Ready for the Battle of Endor. Darth Vader leads is AT-ST-2CV into battle.

The full family.

Added 22 September 2013

I'm impressed by the support so far. Anyway, to get me just a little bit closer to the 10,000 needed, I've created this promotional video. Enjoy :-)

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