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Christmas at Rockefeller Center

Welcome to the Rockefeller Center skating rink in New York City, where Christmas is being celebrated in splendid fashion! This model is packed full of details, from the ice skates on the skaters, to the snow on the iconic Christmas tree (and the railings, and the bushes, and the steps). There's even some tiled floor underneath where the Concourse is.

This model includes:

  • A skating rink, with a set of steps so people (like the minifigure dad) can watch their kids skate.
  • Lots of flags and wreaths.
  • The golden statue on a pedestal.
  • The giant Christmas tree, with lights, snow, and a star.
  • A sign that says "The Concourse".
  • Snowy bushes.
  • A Santa with a bell collecting donations.
  • A hot cocoa stand.
  • A glass elevator to the Concourse.

Eleven minifigures:
  • A mom
  • A dad
  • Two kids
  • A grandmother
  • A skating couple
  • Two pedestrians
  • Santa
  • A hot cocoa vender

I built this set because I love Christmas, and I thought this would be a perfect set for people who like both Christmas and New York City. It has lots of Christmas details and would make a great addition to other Christmas/winter sets and also be a great set to display on its own. I also tried to add several details besides just the tree to make it more scenic. Hopefully you love this build as much as I do!

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