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Cool Flying Car


I had no specific goal in mind with this project other than designing a cool looking car. On top of that, I adapted the flipping-wheel system from one of Lego's The Avengers kits, which gives this simple build some additional playability. 

Regarding the design of the car, I aimed at giving it an 80's/futuristic look. This reflects on some of the sharp curves of the body work, as well as in the neon blue and pink lights. The antennas are here to enhance the car's lines and also are the kind of accessory which reminds me of futuristic vehicles as they were depicted when I was a kid. 
The grid details give the car a cooler finish and also echo some iconic cars like the Ferrari Testarossa.

That's a humble contribution only aiming at sharing with you guys the kind of cars I like, and read what you think of it. 

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