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Temple of the Moon Maiden


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Once, in a far-off and mystical land, there was a shining maiden. One of the daughters of the Moon, she would descend from the heavens to a temple on the Earth for the annual Festival of the Floating Lanterns. However, this year the wicked Moon Priest seeks to kidnap the Maiden and keep her from returning to her father in the night sky! The Moon Priest and his two guards are on ther way to the temple. But one brave girl stands in their way! Can you help her to find the Moon Maiden's lost crown? Seek out the Elder Statue and gain the Scepter, the one weapon that can break the Moon Priest's staff and set the Maiden free! Will you suceeed? It's up to you! 

Set features: 

-804 total pieces

-7 minifigures! Moon Maiden (Chrome silver), The Moon Priest, Two Guards, Defender Girl, Elder Statue, Other Statue!

-Features several brick-built trees, two cherry trees in full blossom

-Small pagoda with teapot and fancy roof 

-Watch the Festival of Floating Lanterns as you set one adrift in the stream! 

-Cross the Bridge behind the mountain of the Moon Maiden to find the Elder Statue! 

-Mountains contain hidden treasures, like the Scepter and the Crown! 

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