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Brick House-Small Nest

Hello? This is Indian Man. 

This time it is a small brick house.This is a one-room building. It's small, but there's everything there.
It is a two-story house, and the first floor has a living room and a dining room.
On the second floor there are bedrooms, bathrooms and a small deras.
There is a small pool on the roof, which gives the joy of summer.
In the yard, small gardens, flower gardens, and benches give us a rest.

In Korea, it is not easy to have a small house in a city. Many people live in apartments. Many middle-aged people want to have a house with a yard and a garden. Of course it is possible in the countryside.

I wish my couple could also achieve this small dream, but hopefully it will come true in reality.
I want you to have a nice house too.

Thank you for watching. Let's meet another building next time.