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Minecraft - Steve's Legacy - Kyra's House


Welcome to Sanctuary, a city built in the world of Minecraft to hide from the villanous Ender. Upon his arrival, the Ender and his army ravaged their first home, the city known as Legacy. As they fled their beloved home, Steve disappeared, and the Ender became dormant.

Now, some would return to the city of Legacy, and retake their home, awaking the Ender from his slumber. Yet the ruller of Sanctuary, Flinn, will not hear of it, and will not tolerate any mutiny. Michael, the leader of the rebellion plan; and Kyra, his student; these two are responsible for the talk and conspiracy. Now, Flinn intends on taking Kyra out before they take him from his throne.

This set comes with:

A customized villager house, with removable roof

TNT (How many is up to LEGO)

Minifigures (Right to Left):



Austin (Kyra's brother)


Miner (Flinn's Spy)

Thank you for viewing this set. I had a lot of fun making this set, and the movie is almost done. Now, please enjoy the following trailer. Take note that the release date is incorrect, as we are a bit behind. Nevertheless, please enjoy!


P.S. - Thanks to Masman8675 for suggesting the rendering software used in the first image.

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