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SpaceX Falcon 1


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Many people know SpaceX's workhorse, the Falcon 9. But many people forget SpaceX's humble beginnings. This is their first rocket. The tiny, seemingly insignificant Falcon 1. It could only deliver 1/2 a metric ton to LEO (Low Earth Orbit). But without it, SpaceX would be yet another millionaire's pet project, one that flopped the moment it got off the drawing board. 
I built this rocket to minifigure scale, with the Merlin 1-C main engine approximately the size of a human. 
Real-life statistics
1st stage: 1 Merlin 1-C, Sea-level thrust of 350KN
2nd stage: 1 Kestrel Vacuum thrust of 31KN
Launch Profile
This launch was the only commercial launch of the Falcon 1. Carrying the RazakSAT (a Malaysian Earth Observation Satelite) the rocket succsesfully deposited it's payload into LEO.

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