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1950's Diner


Keeping it pink . . .

A lot of people have commented on the car and I have tweaked it a bit more and made the roof less blocky, added more 50's style wheel rims, put a back window in and adjusted the chrome work on the front a little! I know the pink is a bit controversial, but I think it is iconic to the time period and am keeping it for now!

Thanks again everyone for all the support and help!


Keep on pumping . . .

The original gas pump wasn't very 50's, so I've made some sleeker ones, there will only be one gas pump in the set so which do you prefer?

Nearly half way now, thanks everyone who has been tweeting sharing and supporting, it means a lot and I do appreciate it, but a long way to go yet!


How the roof works . . .

Not made clear in the original photographs was how the roof can be easily lifted to view and play with the diner's interior.

The picture below shows that the roof rests on top of a layer of flat tiles which slot around the green/blue plates shown on the cieling, so basically it can lift on and off easily without having to dismantle the model at all!
Also a big thanks to everyone for getting this project a third of the way there! 3333 and counting! But please do share this project where you can as votes are getting harder to come by!


By popular demand. . .

Thanks everyone for getting this over 2000 now! A few people had suggested that the stools be made smaller to allow more space and better proportions, so I have rendered an interior shot showing the new stools (and the rollerskates from the earlier update!)If you have any suggestions/comments, leave a comment and if you like it, please do share and support as this is the only way to put this model on shelves! Thanks to everyone who has already!


First mini update . . .

Thanks everyone so getting this over 1500 so quickly, there have been a few recurring suggestions and I am starting to make my way through them to make sure the project is what Lego fans want it to be!

The image below shows the first few changes, including:

-Roller skates for the waitress

-A few extra customers (with pie, obvs)

-A few tweaks to the car as it was a little unfinished in places

There are still more tweaks and suggestions I am working on, and will update again soon!

A special thanks to everyone who has shared and helped publicise the diner and please share and support if you have time as this is what makes the difference between an idea and a set you can actually buy!

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