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Ice Cream Tuk Tuk

A Small-Scale Ice Cream Vendor for a Small-Scale City!

The Ice Cream Tuk Tuk has all the essential treats to sell, such a Ice Pops, Ice Cream Cones, and Soda in the back. It also comes with a spoon, ready to scoop! The Giant Ice Cream Cone on the back and Horn on the top make sure you know what's coming, if the Snowy Blue Colour wasn't enough to tell.

The kit comes with a snazzy-dressed fellow in Blue and White with a fancy White Cap and Red Bow-Tie. A cheery fellow with a Big Smile, ready to give you a Frozen Treat!

I first created this set because a friend wanted me to create an Ice Cream Truck, however, I wanted to create something more original. The Ice Cream Tuk Tuk is a perfect size for play and has everything a Vendor needs.

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