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Crescent Moon Rock Sculpture


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This creation was inspired by a moon garden rock sculptureby Mugen Woong. I was captivated by the beautiful moon-shaped rock and the harmonious blend of nature and architecture. I knew I wanted to build something similar out of Lego. After about two weeks and more than 20 hours, the result is a Lego rock sculpture in the shape of a crescent moon. A few oriental structures, stone stairs, and an arch bridge are embedded into the landscape, secluded from the rest of civilization. To top things off, I added a large tree to fill the empty space of the crescent moon. The tree is based on the wintersweet tree, which produces fragrant yellow blooms on barren branches during the winter. The octagonal basin completes the build by creating an elegant display stand.

Overall, this creation was made to resemble a Chinese scholar's rock, which are ornamental rocks that are commonly found in gardens and historically appreciated by scholars dating back to the Tang Dynasty. Growing up in China, scholar's rocks and related rock sculptures were a familiar sight, and it's common to see miniature structures adorning the rocks. The wintersweet trees were also abundant were I grew up, and its scent is my favorite fragrance. Working on this creation this evoked much nostalgia, and I hope you will find this to be a great display piece, especially sitting next to the Lego Ideas Bonsai Tree or Tranquil Garden.

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