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Delta Wing Jet


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This is my project idea for a Delta Wing Jet with two motors.  This set is based in 156 pieces that can be sell in $14 to $18 by CREATOR theme. It has retractable landing gear  and two rockets that can be remove.  This model is easy to build and very playable. Can even land in 25 degrees angle for a more realistic and fun experience.  the construction is simple, sturdy and solid.

This model is pretty stable on ground and also can be play and modified with other parts as tail wings, expanded delta wings (using part #2450), fuel tip tanks in the wings (using part #3475), adding a cannon gun under the nose or more rockets, with just minimum changes.

This project offer a lot of fun with nice parts than can be use for another creations like space rocket launcher, helicopters or other jets idea.

The last digital image show the model without rockets using part #11477 instead, for more aerial show jet.

Please, take a look to the images and give me your comments about my project. Thanks.

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