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Owl City - Beautiful Times



"A spark soaring down through the pouring rain and restoring life to the light house." - Adam Young (Owl City)

Imagination, creativity, and fun. Sound familiar? It sounds a lot like Lego to me! Another thing these attributes remind me of is the immensely successful musical project by Adam Young known as Owl City. This is why I believe Owl City and Lego together is a perfect combination. When I build with Lego, I typically enjoy listening to Owl City, and that fuels my imagination and get's me excited to create with Lego.

This set is based off the music video 'Beautiful Times'. It features Adam Young on the piano and Lindsey Stirling on the Violin. 

Not only are there countless followers for Owl City and Lindsey Stirling including many young people today, this is a chance to cross over incredibly imaginative musical minds with the most imaginative toy on the planet. Thanks for considering!



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