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Louis Vuitton 170th Year Anniversary Coffer

Hello dear Lego-Fans and fashion enthusiasts,
with this set I wanted to show, that it is possible to combine two such different worlds of products.
Louis Vuitton is a luxury fashion house and company found in 1854. In 2024 the Louis Vuitton company turns 170 years old. They are most known for their LV monogram that appears on most of their fashion items such as bags, shoes and luggage.
Lego has already collaborated with the brand back in July of 2021 on the 200th birthday of the fashion designer and founder of Louis Vuitton.
As far as I know, no products were sold that resulted from that collaboration.
Now every Lego and fashion fan has the chance to vote and make this one-off happen :)
What you see here is a colorful casket in which bricks, your sunglasses, pourses or any other item can be kept. Present is also the LV logo and monogram. 
Total bricks: 1032.

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