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Nature Photography Cabin

As a big fan of nature photography (and Lego ofcourse) I wanted to submit an idea that hit both targets. 

This photography cabin is hidden in a patch of nature that is not strictly 32x32 but should be reasonably easy to fit in a layout, besides looking good on display by itself. It has 6 brick-build animalspecies waiting to be caught on camera by one of the photographers in the cabin (can you find them all?)

It was important for me to get the landscaping right. To get a good coverage by built trees and Legos molded botanic pieces, without obscuring the sight too much.

I also hope that this would fire up the interest of young builders for nature and animal-life.

I genuinly believe I got it right and that this should and could become an official set!

About 1250 parts
6 different buildable animalspecies
removable cabinroof

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