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Gems and Gold Mine


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Hello Everyone this is Treetop 2017! I am excited to share with you my new idea called Gem and Gold Mine. There are 327 total pieces in my idea. This idea of mine comes with four different kinds of gems, a mailbox that opens, mailbox stand, sluiceway, gold coins, photo booth,   that has a computer, camera and holder, and photo printer inside it, photo booth background, gray pick axe and holder, gold dish, gem and gold mine shop, water barrel, two employees, one customer, shelf with three differen color  gold pans for dipping into the sluiceway, water, gem and shelf gold mine mystery sack bag, desk, cupboard, cash draws, credit/debit machine, gift card machine, receipt printer, telephone holder with telephone, two gold giftcards, one blue credit card,  and one debit card. I know that Lego does not make a set or idea like mine in today's market. This idea is hard to make.It is suitable for everyone and for all ages.  Thanks for your time!  Your Builder and Lego Fan Treetop 2017!

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