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The Red Searcher


"The Red Searcher" is a galactic bounty hunter that seeks to capture the wanted throughout the Callisto galaxy for trade purposes to make a living.  He is well known in his district due to his menacing appearance and his expertise. 

It’s obvious that he isn't in his organic state as he was once on a mission to planet Exibo when a small asteroid collided into his spaceship (The Red Searcher), causing all electrical systems to shut off. He eventually crash landed on a dwarf planet, destroying his ship and injuring him.  The sound of the impact gained the attention of a minority who provided him with machinery.  Instead of rebuilding his ship, he manufactured a robotic exoskeleton by using material from his ship to support his injured body which made him more powerful than his original state.  Since he is made up of his own ship, he nicknamed himself "The Red Searcher".

"The Red Searcher" was an idea that was inspired by the film "The Lego Movie".  This movie displayed the importance of an imagination which provided me the confidence to rip my LEGO sets apart and create something entirely new from my mind’s eye.  There was one character in the film that played a big role in my design and that was Metalbeard.  This character intrigued me the most because he was made out of the most random bits and pieces he collected and put together, and this idea unlocked a section of my imagination that held a thought of an individual, constructed out of spaceship material; then the contextual information of his life came into this thought, and then the name, that cemented everything together to make the final product, the creation, my idea.

This amazing design would truly make an awesome LEGO set because it is suitable for all ages.  For sci-fi lovers, you can display this figure or add him to any scene as he is easy to adjust, due to his arms and legs being attached to ball joints which allow you to give him any pose you desire.  There are plenty of features you can play with like his ray gun on the right arm, his fingers that can move freely, his tools and more!  Overall, this set is quite unique compared to most LEGO sets and it’s functionality is outstanding.

Thank you for checking out my idea, I'd highly appreciate your support and comments!


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