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Miniature Trains (Updated)


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This is the Miniature Trains project I posted two months ago, but now there's an extra car added to each train. A LEGO Ideas user named tyefenderson requested me to include an open freight car in the project. However, since the project was running out of time for support, I figured that reposting the project would be a better idea than updating it. I hope you like this project!

The Minitature Trains project is now 934 pieces. While all of the rail wagons are identical in their builds, the locomotives are slightly different. The green locomotive has a wider snoot, while the blue locomotive has a narrow snoot. Each rail car and locomotive have turning boggies on their undersides to provide better turns on LEGO train track. The cars are connected by ball-joints.

Thanks for your support and kind compliments, everyone! If you like this project, please tell me what you think of it in this comments. Have a great day, everyone! Regards, Joseph cheeseinthepie. 9/23/2018

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