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Japanese Cherry and Bamboo Shadow Box


I've recently been buying a few pieces of Japanese style art and thought it might make a nice project to attempt to create something similar in more than 2 dimensions. I kept this thin so that it would appeal to people who would like to display it, but it also has various levels of depth. The green background is meant to represent a patch of bamboo. Other than the tree, the builder would have a lot of freedom in how to arrange the tiles. The Japanese characters, according to Google Translate at least, say "Life". I was also very inspired by the various little bonsai projects people have put on here. Creating a convincing tree is a fun challenge. It has about 675 pieces, but a lot of that is the frame which could be simplified considerably. Anyway, if you like it, please take a second to support it and view my page for a lot of different models that also need your support. I'm really hoping to see my Amelia Earhart project gains some momentum, so jump on that one too! Thanks 



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