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Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword Battle Pack 1: Lanayru Pack

Hello! I'm still determined to bring Zelda LEGOs to the world. I'm going to be making a few battle packs such as this one. Before anyone asks--and I'm sorry to say this--Link will not be included in any of these battle packs. I am the creator of another Zelda set though ( and that one includes Link. Please check it out.

So let's get right to it! First up is the Armos. No new pieces are needed for this set, I'm proud to say. It features a spinning top, like in the game, though LEGO has no magnet pieces. I had to make do. Here I have mine next to the real Armos from the game, Skyward Sword. I paid close attention to detail, placing each piece with a purpose.

Next up is the Beamos. I made it look as much like the real one as I could while keeping it to a perfect minifigure scale. It can spin around 360 on a turn table, and its headtails rotate as well.

And, of course, we have the blade trap. So that about sums it up! I would estimate this pack to $12.99. Maybe lower, maybe higher, I don't really know.

Again, please support my other project( I made this set on LEGO Digital Designer(LDD), as I do with all my LEGO sets. I hope you enjoyed looking at my set, and thank you for reading.

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