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Majora's Mask: Happy Mask Salesman's Organ


     The Legend of Zelda, Majora's Mask is a great game. While being dark for a Zelda game, it still appeals to all ages. When I started playing this game, I couldn't get enough of it. So that's when I got the idea to make this set.

     The set is simple, with two minifigures and the big organ to recreate the organ that appears in the game. This would make a great set because of both it's simplicity and because the scene where you learn the song of healing is pretty iconic.

     This set wasn't that difficult to make, and I hope it's pretty easy to build in real life. The set includes:

  • The Happy Mask Salesman's organ
  • Deku Link
  • The Happy Mask Salesman
  • Tatl

     This, honestly, is some of my best work in a long time. I had to create fifteen new decals for the set, all of which were pretty hard to make. I hope that all you builders out there appreciate my work and support this set. If this was a real set, so many people would be so happy! Thanks for supporting!

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