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Mario Party 9 Garden Battle Victory

Tonight, my sister and I played the ​Garden Battle ​minigame in Mario Party 9​, a Wii game. The last game we played was crazy awesome! It was very satisfying in the moment, and it still is.

If you don't know about the Garden Battle ​minigame in Mario Party 9​, then let me explain it to you: You are given a 5x5 square to put flower blocks in. It must be completely filled in order to win. In order to get these blocks, you must win minigames. The blocks come in many shapes and sizes, so the winner will recieve the biggest one.

Anyway, the blocks will always come out in different colors. But not today! My whole entire garden was yellow! Was I excited?


Here's a meme of how I felt in that moment:

Have a good night everyone! By cheesy. 11/11/2017


Pizza! Pizza!

NOTE: I noticed this cool Easter Egg on Halloween, and not just today.

My Father got Little Caesars Pizza for dinner tonight. Try searching for the hidden detail on the printed napkin.

Give up? That's alright, because it's hard to spot. Note that you can only see this Easter Egg on the new Little Caesars food wrapping. Look below to see something that will blow your mind!

At the bottom of the Little Caesars Mascot's toga is something that looks like a pattern, but if you look closely, it says "LC." That stands for Little Caesars! Is that not cool?

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Have a good day! By cheesy on the date above.