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LEGO The Simpsons: Willie's Shack


This is Willie's Shack from one of the most famous TV show, The Simpsons. Willie or Groundskeeper Willie is the custodian at Springfield elementary. He lives in a shack on the schoolyard and that is what this set represents. The set comes with a Willie minifigure, Willie's shack, a log pile, and even a fire place for him to keep warm. In the interior of the shack, it has a bed that the minifigure does fit on along with a box and a chest which hold food and tools. On the outside you will notice the pick axe and broom hanging outside along with a bin that has an axe in it. There are 5 logs on the log pile and seven in total to include the logs to sit on beside the campfire. The door to the shack has hinges on the side so the door swings open quit smoothly. The roof also comes of with special interlocking bricks. This set has many features and would be a great set to put on the shelves of a store. Please support and check out my other projects as well.

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