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Action Movie Film Set


Who has never dreamed to be a spy, to act in a movie, or to drive in a pursuit of sports cars?
Now is your chance!
All the characters and cars for a cool action movie in one playable set in minifigure scale.
Fun to build, fun to play, fun to display.

Please leave a comment with your suggestions to make this set even cooler playable etc.
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If you all share my enthusiasm I will update this project with real photos.
In the last images you can already see the cars under construction. Read more about the cars at the bottom.

You can play different ways: Play the introduction of the cast. Play recording the movie with you camera crew. Be a spy or the villain. Or just race and make ramps out of the display pieces.
The set includes the Spy, Master villain, Girl 1, Girl 2 , Personal assistant, Engineer, Villain driver, a display with the red carpet, studio light, cameraman, female photographer and some fences to keep a way the crowd.

Spy’s car:
A fast and classic yet modern curved sports car. Elegant and powerful like its driver.
Like a real car, the model has a V8 engine in front and suspension. The car has  an interior with all kind of meters and buttons, driver’s seat and last but not least flame throwers for movie action.

Villain’s car:
Like it’s driver this car is a beast, an aggressive looking sports car. With air inlets everywhere and a very mysterious orange tint. This concept car has a hybrid transmission in the back: Micro gas turbine jet engines produce electricity to boast a Lithium pack.  The battery delivers energy to 4 electro motors with 200 horsepower each!

The cars in this entry are both made digitally in LEGO Digital Designer. Unfortunately the LDD brick library does not contain the newest bricks from the recent Speed Champions sets (yet). These sets contain new tires, rims, hubcaps, wheel arches and windscreens. In the last (under construction) photo these new items are used. In an update I will share photos of the real models made with these new bricks.

Thank you for your interest and keep playing!

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