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Metroid Dread: E.M.M.I. Chase


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Trapped in the depths of planet ZDR, the unstoppable bounty hunter (and "Ultimate Warrior") Samus Aran must confront the last and final challenge on her journey: to run away from this remote place while she faces her latest foes, the E.M.M.I. (Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifier) robots.
Developed by the Galactic Federation, these missile-proof research robots have got out of control; and won't hesitate to pursue Samus if they detect her - Unless they are shut down with an specific tool, the Omega Blaster. But beware; each new E.M.M.I. has a different build and a greater threat.

Would Samus be able to stop the crazy robots, and escape the planet?

Developed by Mercury Steam Entertainment, "Metroid Dread" is the upcoming 5th and final chapter in the (35 year-old!) genre-defining video game franchise "Metroid", created by Nintendo.
This building toy features the main protagonist and the new antagonist from the game, plus a modular scenery based on the game's "E.M.M.I. Zones", which can be configured in multiple ways.

  • Includes a detailed minifigure of Samus Aran's new Dread Power Suit. A wig hairpiece is also included to display her without her helmet.
  • Includes a collectable Samus' "Dread" Morph Ball.
  • Includes a buildable E.M.M.I. figure with a high level of poseabilitty, featuring accurate articulation points.
  • Use the additional LEGO bricks to customize the E.M.M.I. as any of the variants that will be seen in "Metroid Dread": Damaged, white, green, yellow, etc.
  • Use the introduced LEGO Metroid Modular Scenery System to create your own video game layout.
  • Assorted Modules include an E.M.M.I. Zone door, 2 E.M.M.I. Zone platforms, A small Artaria rock platform, an interactive Arm Cannon terminal and 5 Spider Magnet cubes. Decorative side elements include 4 background pilars, 2 handrail sections and a background exhaust/ventilation fan.
  • Only minifigures like Samus can step through the E.M.M.I. Zone door (This function has been tested with real LEGO elements).
  • Add the trans-red elements to the sides of the E.M.M.I. Zone door to display it as "locked".
  • Use the new Spider Magnet (and the Clutch Power) ability to climb the trans-blue walls.
  • Use the additional elements to upgrade Samus' arm cannon as the Omega Blaster or the Omega Stream.
  • Combine multiple copies of the set to build an even greater E.M.M.I. Zone.

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  • Can I get instructions for this?
Unfortunately, no. To share any piece of file may lead to unathorized parties to reverse engineer the project for illegal lucrative purposes.

  • What happened with the other LEGO Metroid project?
The LEGO Ideas project Metroid: Samus Aran's Gunship is currently in the review stage by The LEGO Group. The results (either positive or negative) are expected to be announced this fall.

  • Would you resubmit your LEGO Metroid content to LEGO Ideas?
All my Metroid LEGO set ideas have been designed as one-shot projects. I have no intentions to move this further if The LEGO Group shows no interest.

  • Can I suggest you to make another iconic element from the Metroid franchise?
I have already mapped out the Metroid-based content I will post on LEGO Ideas. I cannot guarantee that your suggestion will be implemented (it may overlap with a planned update); but feel free to ask anyway!

  • How many bricks are used in this project?
  • 203 pieces aprox. are used for the standard white E.M.M.I.; 144 extra pieces aprox. are used for the alternative E.M.M.I. variants.
  • 852 pieces aprox. are used for the different modules conforming the modular scenery.

  • What program do you use?
  1. LEGO Digital Designer for the built model.
  2. Inkscape for the graphic designs.
  3. Mecabricks and Blender for the final pictures.

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