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The Big Bang Theory - Scene 1

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I love TBBT show and I guess most of people who has ever watched them think the same. Sheldon himself is big fan of LEGO (lets not forget Rajesh!).

This is a model of the Sheldon and Leonard apartment which is the most seen and known scene of the show.

This model features most of known objects of the scene and includes five of the characters included Leonard, Penny, Rajesh, Sheldon and Howard.

Model includes the main living room, kitchen and corridor lead to bedrooms which later can be attached to the main scene.

The current room itself has the moveable part that separates the main living room from the kitchen area.

The main living room features the best well known objects of the scene including:

- Main entrance door
- The book case
- The shelf
- The DNA model
- The key bowl next to door
- The couch and the chair (Sheldon's spot)
- Middle table
- Door leading to storage
- Table lamp
- The window
- Telescope
and many more

Kitchen as well features some objects from the show including:

- The kitchen counter with high chairs
- Sink
- Sheldon's white board
- Fridge
- Cabinets
- Trash can
and many more

This model can be attached to future coming scenes (Bedrooms & hallway).

This model is made of ±410 pieces without counting the mini figures. The size is small enough to fit on any bookshelf and makes a great present for TBBT lovers.

There are several features for this model that can not be added with LEGO Digital Designer which included:

- Flash logo on Sheldon's t-shirt
- Sticker with some equations on the whiteboard
- Sticker for pizza box on the table
- couple of posters on the walls
and many more

Thanks for having a look at my model and appreciate if you support this project. If you have any suggestion of improvement please do leave a comment.

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