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Draigoch is an industrial style fire-breathing dragon, with adjustable wings and tail. Grey with hints of gold, Draigoch stands at 20 cm tall, and will look wicked on your shelf. It comes with an intricate grey and gold stand, on which it is easy to take the dragon on and off.

Draigoch means Powerful.

Draigoch features:
-Many nice part uses such as swords, keys, scissors, ray guns, minifigure handcuffs, and even a ladder
-Gold pieces strategically spread out evenly across the build (which go against the grey very nicely)
-Symmetrical body
-Dragon connecting to the stand on a purposeful angle to stand out more
-Adjustable wings and tail
-Interesting build techniques

I recommend this to anyone who wants an intermediate level build, or simply wants to add a wicked piece to their collection.

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