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Boar Raiders


It’s a peaceful morning, the horses are grazing near your tent, the fire warms you and breakfast is sizzling happily. But through the comfort, your 'years of training' sense a darker force at play. No bird sings even the trees seem to hold their breath. You call for your companion to ready his sword when you her something crash through the trees shattering the tension like thin ice under foot. Brandishing your ax, you see it! The Boar Raiders are upon you!

Hi, in this set you will find two wild boars, Vikings, and horses. A Goblin, Troll, war chariot and tent. All made from 520 brick.

The troll and boars are fully possible. and the chariot can detach from the boars, leaving them to wreak havoc on all the goblins enemies. 

This is a simple build, but still sturdy. I hope you like, support and share with friends.

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