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Ancient Aliens


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Guys, I had to do it. 

Ancient Aliens has been a popular show on the History Channel for a few years now. Plenty of people watch it and one of its stars, or perhaps his hair, has become an internet meme sensation. So why not bring the fantastical "history" to life as a Lego set?

Here, in no more than 150 pieces, you can assemble your own wild theories and pseudo-science investigations with the cast, crew, and locations of Ancient Aliens. I give you:

-Giorgio Tsoukalos, the show's star and one of the regular "Experts" , famous for his out-of-this-world hair cut and theories of extra terrestrial involvement in human history.

-Erich Von Danikan, another star of the show, the father of many ancient alien theories, and author of Chariots of the Gods. Includes a magnifying glass for 're-interpreting' historical documents.

-A History Channel videographer, with his trusty camera ready to capture every UFO sighting, hoax or reality.

-and, to Georgy's delight... a mummified Ancient Astronaut in an Egyptian sarcophagus.

The set includes a small base with Von Danikan's office on one side and an Egyptian (alien, obviously) burial chamber on the other. I tried to pack it with as many relevant items as I could while maintaining a price point under $20. I would like the books to be printed with "Project Bluebook, Vol. 1 & 2, Chariots of the Gods, and The Ancient Alien Question covers. Also, Giorgio's face needs some stubble, and the cameraman's hat needs the History logo.

I really hope the necessary licensing could be acquired, but as many Ancient Astronaut Theorists suggest, it won't matter unless you BELIEVE! Vote, Comment, give me suggestions, and please check out all of my other projects!

Happy Building!

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