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Half-Track "BULLFACE" and Its Two Fire Modules, Remote Controlled


What is it?

It is a LEGO technic full motorized remote controlled HALF-TRACK, with two interchangeable FIRE MODULES. These modules can be optional but it is very cool to play with !

Half-Track : I called it “BULLFACE” because of its front view, only horns are missing (see the first picture : full technical plan) ! It cans move in any directions. Lights switch on when it moves forward or backward. It is not so tall (16 in, 38,5 cm) but five power-function motors are hidden inside (2 x L, 1  x M, 1 servomotor + 1 M per fire-module) !

Fire-modules : They can spin, they are interchangeable and they are full automatic-fire.

V 1.1 : Fly hunter : Based on the “six shooter weapon”, four of them are shooting together (= 24 round plates 1x1, perfect for hunting flies at home !)

V 1.2 : spider trap : Based on the “spring shooter weapon”, eight of them are putted together (= 8 arrows are fired very fastly : spiders, fear has switched sides!)

Why did you build it?

For my fun !!!

Fan of LEGO SYSTEM since my childhood, I only discovered power-function and its remote controls two years ago. These functions bring LEGO TECHNIC set to life ! I found it amazing and decided to take my few technic sets to pieces, in order to create this half-track.

The half-track BULLFACE is based on two IDEAS :

1- To build a reliable off roader : caterpillar-tracks make the traction, wheels make the direction. Build a half track became obvious, and pretty cool to create with WWII half-tracks design.

2- To have a fire function for fun. The idea was to combine a motor with a LEGO weapon system. As I build two systems (six shooter weapon and spring shooter weapon), I made it interchangeable. It is very cool to play with : quick fire, but quite long to reload !!!

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?

It could be improve in many ways but this prototype is already ready to use : robust and handy (useful crane- handle,  accessible battery...) and above all it is really fun to play with (remote controlled, off roader, fire options).

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