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Mobile Suit Gundam - White Base

This is my rendition of White Base, the Earth Federation space battleship/mobile suit carrier from the original Mobile Suit Gundam franchise (UC0079).  Nicknamed the "Trojan Horse," the ship plays an iconic role in the series not only as the home base for the robot that started it all - the illustrious RX-78-2 - but also as a key piece in the Federation's tactics against the Republic of Zeon.  It has also inspired the aesthetics of all subsequent Federation battleships featured in the numerous sequels and spin-offs.

As an old-school Gundam fan, I had built a bigger and more crude version of this ship when I first came out of my dark age about 7 years ago, with pieces from one of those Creator boxes.  Now with a much bigger piece collection and improved techniques, I thought I could do the ship a little more justice.

I have seen many comments lately that the Star Wars product line is growing more stale every day.  I think the Gundam franchise could be a viable answer with its similarly space-operatic universe and distinct aesthetics throughout the series.  Though not very mainstream in the Western world, it still has a huge following in the Asian market, to which LEGO seems to be turning special attention as of late.

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