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Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile


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Hello everyone,

This design, the video game Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile tried to do with Lego pieces. It took 3 months to work on LDD. Means all the features of the game, I want to apply with Lego. It took one month to pick up the pieces. And I completed the 2 week installation.
As for the features of the Batmobile, it has two different modes. First 'Pursuit Mode' has become the normal means. The second is 'Battle Mode' is turning into a tank Batmobile in this mode. If I write a list of things I can do with Lego ...

1-Complete collapsible cockpit.
2-cockpit interior details, the main screen and special steering wheel.
3-360 degree swivel wheels.
4-Front thrown claw
5-Battle mode goes down, the upward Cannon 60mm Vulcan Gun.
6-Folding Immobilizer Missiles.
7-Front and Rear folding the arms.
8-Folding Unit and the containment 2 in the passenger seat.
9-Advanced Afterburner.
10-Batmobile at the bottom Sonar upgrade.
11-four tailpipes detail.
12-Special Scarecrow is Minifig

I managed to do all of these features with Lego pieces.
Game Batmobile in which these features are also available at the same time I made with Lego Batmobile.I used a total of 4640 pieces of Lego parts.

I hope you will like it.

Best regards,

Hasan Kabalak (hasskabal)

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