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Striped Owl

This is a Striped Owl. Its scientific name is Pseudoscops, or Asio Clamator. Its height can range from about 30 to 38 cm. Its average weight can range from 335 to 556 grams. Its distinctive features include their black, fluffy looking ear tufts, and their pitch black, round eyes. 

They live throughout mostly Central and South American forests. They have strokes of black color on their chest area, and have other colors such as tan and brown on the wings. Their calls sound like a falcon crying out, and can their wingspans can range somewhere from about 76 to 94 centimeters. 

I personally did not have enough small black tiles, so I needed to construct them using the regular bricks, slabs, and sometimes curved pieces. Also, to bring the realness, I have put brown, tan, white, and black randomly so that it would look more natural just like the original ones. Sure they have those black strokes, but again, I did not quite find the pieces that were necessary. So for now, this would be my final design. I might change my mind to rebuild the chest area, and make it so that it would have the black strokes. 

It would be more amazing if it was able to move its neck 270 degrees just like every other owl can do, right? So I chucked an axle through the middle, and re-designed it so that the head can attach to the pole which will allow the head to rotate. It would be more realistic if the facial part was able to rotate too! So I considered about whether I should do that, and eventually, I did. So to summarize things up, I made the face and the head part both rotate. 

I felt like it would be unstable to build a tree branch which the owl would stand on, but that would've been too weak to sustain the balance of this creation, so I decided to make a reinforced surface which it can stand on, and won't fall off.

I was thinking of creating at least one animal, preferably a type of a bird, so that was my motivation to build an owl! Most of them look majestic when they fly across, and it seemed like a very complicated process to build one, so I wanted to challenge myself to see if I can at least build an owl that bares slight resemblance to the real one I'm basing it off of. 

I'm Donutsmasher, I like to build with legos! They are really enjoyable and we can free our imagination to create whatever we want! See you and the next one and everybody stay safe!

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