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Cone of Silence


The Cone of Silence was popularized in the 1960s comedy TV show: “Get Smart.” Invented by Professor Cone, it is designed to keep communications between two people private and secure; much like today’s secret government SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) rooms and buildings. In the TV show, Maxwell Smart insists on activating the Cone of Silence during a Magenta Alert when Class A Security matters are discussed. The Cone of Silence worked too well. It actually shuts off communication entirely. Agent Smart and the Chief never hear each other and usually shout out “What?” or “How’s That?” The Chief asks him why he insists on using it. Agent Smart replies: “For one thing, it’s 20 degrees cooler inside.” The first time The Cone of Silence appears in the show, the characters actually say “Funny, doesn’t look it!” This Lego version of the Cone is a great play set for kids as they can move the Cone vertically, and swivel it horizontally to reveal or remove it from the room. It also makes an excellent vignette display piece. Included in this Lego set is also a minifig for Agent 99; dressed in red. To activate the Cone of Silence, the Chief uses the red button on his desk. It can also be operated by Hodgkins nearby. When asked to raise the Cone, Hodgkins replies: “What?”

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