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Disney Pixar Shorts - Sports Game

Geri's Game is a first-rate PIXAR short from 1997 and my personal favourite! As a huge fan of both chess and short films, I couldn't resist not making a LEGO fan model based on it!

Ever since I first saw the short I fell in love with the ingenious way PIXAR told the story of an elderly person who is playing chess against himself. I love the fact that the animators' interpretation of a very old man is so accurate! He is young at heart and touched the audience with his human being behaviour that won an Academy Award.

Geri has plenty of joints. He can either sit and play chess or walk around the table. The chessboard can be rotated with a turnable piece (3680c01) to reveal the true chess master. A box and dentures are also included whose places on the table can be changed. Take off the glasses and turn Geri into the other one. The chess figures are tiny builds that enable people to play the classic game. Why don't you play a chess game against yourself? One of you will win.

To conclude, PIXAR'S 35th anniversary is quite special to many people, and the company's anniversary should be celebrated with their first short film released in theaters that started a tradition. Now with every feature film, there is a short one thanks to Geri's Game.

Piece count: 746

'There's that bubble of childhood that makes you innocently do anything.' - Pete Docter

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