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American Idol Finale

Greetings everyone from Pennsylvania, USA. So we thought of an American Idol Finale set and would appreciate your support .
As you can see, the four judges represented are from this year (2013), the two finalists are just generic and are represented by a lady and a gentleman, also note the host on stage, holding the results envelope.
This one is not real complex, it consists of 369 elements and was created with LEGO Digital Designer.
If you Like American Idol and you Love LEGOs then support this one.
Thanks for looking.
Follow this link to watch a video showing more details and other design angles:

Notice the microphones...I wanted to use the ones that are in my daughter's Friends set: Rehearsal Stage, #41004, but I couldn't find the part in LDD (sort of new to this). So...I just made my own.

Once again, makeshift mics for the judges...sure could use that mic (part #6018819 or 90370pb01) from set #41004. The judges will be glad to have their drinks!

This view shows the stage supports, lighting and the basic construction.

Straight-on view.

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