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Ur-Quan Masters (Star Control)


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November will mark the 20 year anniversary of the release of Star Control II. A great game that combines an epic quest with arcade action. I and many of my compatriots have spent countless hours seeking out resources and allies in the immense expanse of stars or matching skills against our friends in feverish head-to-head space combat.

More than a decade after its release the game has continued to accrue accolades (ha, seriously, pun not intended), and now exists with new life having found itself ported to an open source version rechristened "Ur-Quan Masters."

You can download it legally and absolutely free here.

This is a proposal to create a collection of ships and figures based on the immense variety found within the game.

These ships would not be minifig scaled but would instead be conservatively scaled toward the "midi." The concept behind this is to allow for a single set with the maximum number of ships and aliens possible. Everyone has their favorite species and ship so I don't want anyone left out if I can help it.

This concept of a Minifig with a undersized vessel is well presented in Lego's new series of Star Wars planet-ship-figure sets.

This is a very active project, if you don't see something you like right now, please check again later.

The main pic is "The Captain" with his pivotal Precursor Vessel! CrashSanders has designed this ship to be modular (just like the one in the game) with each section snapping to a core structural piece going down the center.

Note that this is a collaborative project with the very talented Crashsanders.

Please feel free to ask any questions or post any suggestions, and if you don't feel this project is worth of your support, take a few seconds to let me know why. Your comments and critiques are always most welcome as they are my best source for improvement.

A great thank you to Joe at the Upper Memory Block Podcast for "casting" this project. UMBcast is a podcast dedicated to Pre-Windows XP PC games. I recommend the podcast in general but if you want to learn more about what Star Control is, you can listen to the podcast for a great review. Here is the link

Above is the Ur-Quan and their Dreadnaught with its autonomous fighters.

Currently on display are 9 of the 24 ships and 5 of the 25 species.

With these designs I hope to emphasize Lego approved micro-building techniques and uncommon building styles. For example, The Yehat Terminator build (depicted below) demonstrates standard snotting, advanced plate to plate snotting, and angled building for instance.

Androsynth, Mycon, the Androsynth Guardian and the Mycon Podship.

Why not just build these on your own you may ask? Well, these are renderings of the Lego builds. Some of the "Lego" used are not in color/part combinations that actually exist. For instance, the Androsynth Guardian parts do not actually come in the very light blue depicted above.

Additionally, custom printing is something that can be difficult for advanced Lego moders but can be incredibly daunting for the average Lego fan. Authentic Lego printings cannot be surpassed in its quality or resilience.

Utwig Jugger, Yehat Terminator and the two forms of the Mmrn-hrmm Transformer.

Next Additions in the works: Syreen, Orz Space Marine Armor, Umgah Drone, Chmmr Avatar

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Orz, Spathi, theChenjesu Broodhome with Doogies, Illwrathi Avenger, and Thraddash Torch.

What is Cuusoo?
There is a small but definite chance that you have happened upon this page without knowing what the Cuusoo website is.

Cuusoo is a site where people submit ideas for new Lego sets. If the project can get 10,000 Supporters then Lego will review the projected. If Lego likes the idea, and can get permission from the IP holders, then they will create their own version of project and mass produce it to make it available to you.

So, if you want your very own Ur-Quan masters Lego ships, then please create an account and support this project! If you are really serious about wanting it then make sure to spread the word to other people who might support.

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