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Minifigures: Murph, Cooper
Pieces: 534
Scale (cm): 20 x 9.92 x 8.32
Scale (studs): 25 x 12.4 x 10.4

The textures for both Minifigures are currently WIP.

This diorama is inspired by a beautiful scene from Christopher Nolan's 2014 movie, Interstellar. In this scene, Cooper (played by Matthew McConaughey) is sucked into a black hole, and then is transported into a tesseract by a highly advanced alien race. From inside the tesseract, Cooper is able to communicate with Murph (Cooper's daughter, played by Mackenzie Foy (child), Jessica Chastain (adult), and Ellen Burstyn (older)) through a bookshelf in her room with Morse code, and he sends a Morse message reading "STAY" to himself in the past and Murph in the present simultaneously. This scene reveals that all of the strange anomalies encountered in the movie were caused by Cooper.

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