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Technic Quad

This is my first creation on Cuusoo, a cool looking quad with lots of great functions.

It has 915 pcs. and has a wight of 1,3 kilograms incl. batteries.

length: 35cm
wide: 23cm
hight: 18cm

- All wheel drive (XL motor)
- Stearing (M motor)
- Winch (M motor)
- Gearbox (M motor)
- Front and rear lights
- Working Handlebar
- Engine (1 cylinder)
- Full independent suspension

2 speed gearbox - max. speed 2 mp/h

You can remove the bodywork easily.

I built it in Lego Digital Designer.
You can download the model on this Website:

Please support my project if you like it!

Video is comming soon!

Motorized winch that haul almost everything.

Working front lights.

Full independent suspension.

Thank you for supporting!

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